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Make Legit Money – How to become a Baba Ijebu Sub Agent

Hello Readers, This guide would give a walk-through on how to convert your passion to making legit and clean money via the Baba Ijebu platform.

I would take you along on how to become a successful Baba Ijebu Sub Agent and take it as a lifetime or long term business to sustain and maintain a good life thereafter.

What is Baba Ijebu?

Baba Ijebu is one of the leading, largest, oldest and most trusted online bookmaker in Nigeria. They also specialize in online sport betting alongside being one of the first and best lottery platform where people can always come to place bet and stake odds.

Baba Ijebu headquarters is based in Lagos city and it has different branches and agent shops across the country in all 36 states.

The CEO and founder of Baba Ijebu is the popular Chief Kessington Adebutu, A well respected and reputable businessman, socialite and philanthropist who was known as one of the most influential celebrities in the 90s. He is the chairman of Premier Lotto, founded it in 2001 which birthed the Baba Ijebu Lotto.

Chief Kessington Adebukunola Adebutu hails from Iperu Remo of Ikenne Town in Ogun state. He started his primary education at Westley Primary School and completed it at Ijero Baptit School Ebute-Mettta, Lagos. He later proceeded to Baptist Academy, Lagos where he completed his secondary education in 1954.

Requirement to become a Baba Ijebu Sub Agent

Below is a list of the basic requirements you need to start up as a Baba Ijebu agent:

  1. Kiosk/Shop: This is your space where you have your terminal set up for sales. It isn’t necessarily a big store, It could be as small as possible to contain yourself and a few customers and a necessary little space where you can place your terminal. Everything boils down to your budget, You can decide to scale up and get a bigger space but it isn’t necessary as all you need is just a space for your terminal and few customers and of course where you can sit and perform transactions. Also, getting a good location where customers can easily see your shops and patronize you matters a lot. So that should be noted as sacrosanct.
  2. Forecast Board: This is where you would paste past records and results of winnings for customers to read and forecast. It will aid them to be able to predict and also in one way improve your business. It is one of the necessary key needs you for sure would want to get and get a place to place the board.
  3. Terminal: The terminal is your most valuable device and it really is what would enable you carry out the lottery process and sales for customers. It is a machine mostly coloured Red. It enables you to play and print forecast games and tickets for your customers. You can get this Terminal from your principal agent who is the intermediary between you and baba ijebu.

These 3 basic things detailed above are cost effective and would not cost you much.

Commission Plan

The cool thing about being an agent is that you can earn a lot depending on the amount of customers you convert and the amount of sales you make. Baba Ijebu rewards you according to the amount of tickets sold. You get 20% on ghana games and also 15% on indoor games.

You can make as much money as possible, Just a little bit of creativity and customer relationship to converse with them and making them comfortable to come play often and also the location as stated earlier, It matters a lot and it defines how much crowd you can pull.

In Conclusion, starting a Baba Ijebu business is very profitable and cost effective as starting it doesn’t cost you much money. Just getting a good location for your small shop or kiosk and also getting your terminal from your principal agent who is the middle man between you and baba ijebu. You get your eye-catching and whooping 15-20% commission per the total amount of sales you make. It is a really good business to look into for a young Nigerian who is trying to find a way to start making money. From there, you can scale up and make more branches around your vicinity and getting some employees to work for you.

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