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How To Top-up/Deposit Your Baba Ijebu Account Online

Many people don’t want to go through the stress of visiting the Baba Ijebu lotto shop to book their ticket due to the stress and sometimes because of the queue found at the local shops. Little did they know the can go through a hassle-free process of making payment and booking their tickets online.

In this guide, I’m going to guide you through the process of effectively topping up your online Baba Ijebu account with your smartphone. So here is a brief guide or tutorial on how to go about it. No long story —- Let’s get started.

Get Started…

You can make payment via 2 available options either Card deposit or Bank cash deposit.

How To Fund Your Baba Ijebu Account via Bank Cash Deposit

Step 1: Logon to Babaijebu.ng

Step 2: Here, you would find the registration form where you can fill in your details.

Below is a snapshot of the registration portal, Fill in your preferred username, email address and password. If you were referred by a friend, tick the “Yes” checkbox and input your friend’s registered email address or username.

Step 3: After registration, Login via Babaijebu.ng

Step 4: At the top right corner of the screen, you would find “Cash Button”, Select it and click on deposit.

Step 5: Click on the dropdown as shown in the screenshot below and pick your preferred bank if you want to pay via cash deposit at the bank.

Step 6: After selecting your bank, copy out the account details provided and walk into your bank to make the deposit. Pick a deposit slip and fill out the information provided on the Baba Ijebu site.

Step 7: After filling the information, Hand over the slip to the teller and make payment. The payment receipt and your username should be mailed to [email protected] for confirmation. Once the payment is confirmed, your wallet would automatically be funded.

Note: The narration/description on the deposit slip should be your username.

How To Fund Your Baba Ijebu Account via Card Deposit Online (Mastercard Only)

To get started, refer to Step 1 on the previous steps above for registration but if you’re a registered customer, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Login via Babaijebu.ng

Step 2: At the top right corner of the screen, you would find “Card Button”, click on it and input the amount you want to fund your wallet with.

Step 3: If you have a promotional code, you can input it but if you don’t have, go ahead and click on “Continue to payment”

Step 4: The next page shows the payment gateway pop-up, fill in your card information including the card number, expiry year, card holder name and click on “Next” to input your CVV number.

Step 5: Fill in your CVV number. The CVV number is a 3-digit security code you can find at the back of your number.

Step 6: After filling out that information, click on next and wait for a few seconds for the payment authorization. Fill in your OTP (one-time password) or Token and click on the “Submit” button. Wait for a few seconds and your account would be successfully funded.

In Conclusion…

Making payment online doesn’t take much of your time. All you are required is just your smartphone and data. you can also decide to make payment via their official app but the tutorial would be on another article coming soon.

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